RE: We Are Not Ghosts

An amazing documentary on Detroit, It brings me to the side of Detroit that I have never imagined: education, independence, and unity. One of the greatest thing I learned from We Are Not Ghosts is that Detroiters take a huge sense of pride in their work, especially for the people in the lower class. Out of all residents who are interviewed, the neighbors were the most powerful narrators, because their speeches are unfiltered, and raw. The residents want America, or even the whole world to know that the City of Motors will never back down and they always take pride in it. The documentary has drastically changed my perspective on Detroit in that it shows that there is hope, faith, and love in the local community, and that Detroiters always strive to be independent and bring Detroit back on its feet.

Oh, on a different note, see you in a few weeks, Detroit.



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