Writer-Activist: Grace Lee Boggs


A very informational interview revealing the unexpected aspect on Detroit through the eyes of Grace Lee Boggs. Throughout the interview, Boggs talked about how the struggle in Detroit can be turned into fuels to revive the city as well as to raise awareness among the younger generation.


Most Interesting Character – Detroit

Frankie is most interesting character I have encounter so far, because he is a vivid representation of a Detroiter who constantly struggles in his life. In the chapter Gone To The Dogs, Frankie is being portrayed as a victim of the roughness of Detroit; he has been bullied as a kid, got into a devastating car accident, and laid off from work. However, Frankie’s tough character has made him invulnerable to all the obstacles — until his dog past away. The antidote about Frank’s past has exemplified the common experience shared by Detroiters. At first, Frankie tried to tolerate all the pain in his life, however he eventually gave up when the pressure became too much for him to handle. He has been torn down by the city and lost almost everything he had. I sympathize with Frankie, respect him for his persistence, and recognize him as the most interesting character.