Untitled No.224 1990

Untitled Film Still No.16 1978

Untitled Film Still No.10 1980

Browsing through Cindy Sherman’s gallery, I still could not believe that all the characters in those images were the same person. I feel that the greatest factor for Cindy Sherman’s success in self portrait is her make-up and dress-up skills; she was extremely savvy in terms of fashion and knew how to manipulate her appeared age, race, or even gender through styling. For instance, she dressed up herself as a male Greek god in the first portrait, and used make-up to outline the muscles on her arm to demonstrate the masculinity of the character. She was also capable of using props in such a way that, reflects the character’s emotion. In the second photo she posed to be a nonchalant housewife who is smoking a cigarette, and watches TV at home. But in the third portrait, which was shot two years later than the second one, Cindy Sherman dressed up as the same housewife from before — but in her younger days. It is amazing to see that time placed no boundaries on Sherman’s work as she always managed to manipulate the character through tools such as make-up, clothing, and various props.


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